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Author Topic: Were the criminals under the influence of imsomnia?  (Read 407 times)

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February 09, 2022, 11:45:39 AM
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I appreciate the valuable people who do research on cover-up theory. I like how they boldly defend their theories. I am aware that the articles I share are superficial, simple and familiar. As a novice enthusiast; It always comes to mind when the weather gets cold, when it snows or when I watch documentaries. It draws you in as long as you don't let go. Sorry if I offended this site's discussion platform and you readers (Newbie excitement). Tonight I want to address the compelling aspects of a possible cover-up. The criminals wanted to stage the group members who tried to start a fire by climbing 5 meters from the cedar tree and breaking the thick branches. An unnecessary and extra effort. But it would be believable if they broke the branches they were reaching for. The young firs around the cedar were cut down but they forgot to leave the knife at the crime scene. (I think the fin Dyatlov used is underground there) They dug 3 meters of snow, made a cave, but forgot the bodies in the creek. 2 They wrapped the clothes they took from Yuri in the bodies of 4 people they forgot in the creek. They didn't see the camera on Semyon's chest. They wanted to make it look like a natural accident, but made the mistake of gouging out their eyes and cutting out their tongues to turn it into a criminal case. I wonder how many people carried the group's tent, lunch box, 20 skis, 20 ski sticks, shoes, outerwear to the slope. If they've done 2 laps, it must have been pretty tiring to wipe off their footprints on the slope. They set up the tent professionally like a mountaineer, but they forgot a flashlight on the hill. Those who came to the scene left the area on foot without leaving a trace. If they left by helicopter; At least 5 people on the field, 2 pilots, landing site attendants, a total of 15 people kept this secret for 60 years.

February 13, 2022, 07:41:28 AM
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