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Author Topic: Olva the dog & Lyuda's love interest  (Read 123 times)

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February 05, 2023, 01:36:48 PM
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From a translated transcript of a taped interview it seems Yuri Blinov took his dog, Olva, with him to Otorten. She slept just outside the tent, next to Blinov inside, and through -48C.

In her diary, 25th January, Lyuda wrote "Olva first stood in (illegible word) position, but soon she couldn't stand it anymore and got down on her knees." Until now I thought that was a person, but this was a reference to the dog on the cramped bus the two hiking groups shared to Vizhay.

There's also the photo of a dog running through the snow at Vizhay, might be a random Vizhayan dog, but maybe it's Olva.

It was stated that Lyuda liked Olva (her early childhood also features a black & white dog) and that she had feelings for someone, with Blinov thinking it was him, or the personable Krotov (who was to die in 1967 in a mountaineering accident.)

"Zinoviev talks about L. Dubinina's feelings for someone - they say, in her diaries she has some sadness, and then Blinov says - or rather, suggests that she had these feelings either for him or for Slava Krotov, who was a very good guy - a couple of women's voices also talk about it. B She loved my dog... "

She wrote in her diary when they said goodbye to the Blinovs: "We had a tearful goodbye with Blinov group. The mood sank. At parting, we sang with Zina and Zhenya: "If you eyes hadn't ..." In general I am very very sad."

Heartbreaking to imagine Lyuda chose the wrong hike. She could have been with her love interest, and if it was Yuri Blinov, bonding with a shared interest in dogs, and she would have survived. Although the belittling Zhenya, who she disliked and wrote scathingly about in her diary, would be part of that deal.

February 05, 2023, 01:39:40 PM
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And to bring up the felines, there was a cat in attendance on a 1958 summer hike in the Altai, though maybe he/she was a local mouser posing for a photo with the tourists.