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Title: A Study on Genetics and Alcohol Consumption
Post by: CalzagheChick on June 25, 2018, 02:29:16 PM
I just read an article on a study in genetics that discovered that Russians are genetically resistant to the ill effects of alcohol. That is to say, alcohol will still kill their livers just iike everybody else, BUT something in their DNA makes them less likely to become blubbering idiots when they drink their vodka to kill the windchill.

I'm just saying...I've read a common theory that the Dyatlov group got drunk and ran outside into a blizzard with no clothes and everyone died.

This study suggests that even if one of the flasks had been passed around and everybody took a sip of grandpappy's cough syrup to kill the winter chill, these kids were more than likely not affected to the point of becoming beligerent or blubbering idiots with zero inhibitions. Genetically, they have metabolisms made of iron and alcohol is a regular part of their Russian diet with the 4 Russian Food Groups being: Rye bread, Beets, Potatoes, & Vodka.