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Title: Possible theory and some questions
Post by: valedora on January 29, 2020, 07:16:34 AM

To a theory based on rocket experiments.
Does anyone know if the tent has been tested for radioactive radiation?

Second question, was the tent and the objects checked for DNA and compared with the victims?

Possible theory? :

I think it can be a version that the Mansis or other residents in this area didn't want people there
to stay.

They surprised the group at night and hit the tent with something sharp, all of them jerked out, two burned by the fire, three of them attacked those who had suffered such injuries and the others hid and froze, maybe because those who attacked stayed there and waited for the other three to come back to the tent.

Would the question be how long does it take before you can freeze to death without much clothing in such a condition?

The other would be if other traces like those found by the group, believe they have heard nothing about it.
But such traces could also be blurred by the Mansis or other residents as soon as they are gone.
The things that were still in the tent such as cameras, money, food, etc. could have been left behind by the attackers so that you don't blame local people, but rather think of an accident.

The only question then would be the motive, why does someone so bother the other there?
Didn't they want tourists there? Has there been conflict with anyone?
Title: Re: Possible theory and some questions
Post by: sarapuk on January 31, 2020, 09:29:41 AM
We dont really have much information on the Tent apart from the fact that the so called CUTS were investigated. And the TENT disappeared after many years in storage.