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January 30, 2020, 09:10:40 AM
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I officially have DPO – Dyatlov Pass Obsession. Here's another (albeit crazy) theory. Sasha was a number of years older (37 years old) and was not known to any others in the group when he asked to join the trek. He was in top physical condition and a skilled hiker. No one could find any valid reasons for not letting him join the group. Perhaps he was waiting for the first opportunity to join a hike to a remote area. After he was invited to join and knew where the group was going, he set up a meeting place with Soviet operatives of the CIA. Perhaps he had secret documents or photos of secret documents. Maybe he had become disillusioned with the Communist government or maybe he desperately needed money. But as the trek began, the KGB learned what Sasha was up to and knew the general course of the hike. On the night of Feb. 1, the KGB, using a helicopter with searchlights spots the tent. Hearing a helicopter and seeing the lights, the group rushes outside or slash the tent to see what's happening. The final photos taken are of the brightly lit helicopter and the searchlights. The group gathers inside the tent and quickly discusses what could be going on. By then the KGB agents are on the ground and order the group outside. Sasha is made to turn over the documents or film that was stashed in his backpack. Back outside, Sasha lunges at one of the agents with his knife only to be whacked in the head with a rifle butt. The knife is taken from him and he drops the sheath in the snow. Dyatlov managed to grab his coat, but is ordered to drop it in the snow. To coverup the hikers' deaths, the KGB marches the group down to the trees, knowing that they will soon freeze to death (although three of the group are severely injured when they fall into a ravine). The agents wait inside the helicopter for a few hours and then make one more check. All nine bodies are accounted for. Sorry to be long winded and this scenario is full of holes (but aren't they all).

I continue to support the much simpler scenario of sudden gale-force wind that very well could have, as Tim suggests, collapsed the snow wall in front of the tent onto the tent. And if a substantial amount of snow fell a second time on the tent, what choice did the group have but to hurry away from such an exposed site and seek shelter in the trees?

January 30, 2020, 10:47:41 AM
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Of all of the hikers, Zolotaryov is the most mysterious. His only son, Sasha, was missing and it was said he was in Germany, which would be a reason for Zolotaryov to want to get out of Russia, perhaps with the CIA and rejoin his son. there were strange dynamics in his relationship with his wife and daughters. That being said, he did have a pen and paper notebook found on his person and there was only one person who ever saw it, I cannot name that investigator, but he allegedly grabbed the paper, screamed "he wrote nothing," or something similar and threw it away or stuck it in his pocket. What else would go along with this theory is the diaries saying the guys were arguing and fighting. What were they fighting about? Did some of them figure out what Zolotaryov had and were concerned?

As far as the pictures of lights, it is possible it could be a helicopter. I thought it might have been a photo Zolotaryov took from the ravine as the KGB or killers were walking away after bludgeoning everyone in the ravine.

At this time, without more information, all thoughts and speculation are just that. To solve this mystery, more information needs to be found through the Russian government sources. I would pray that would happen....

January 30, 2020, 11:01:21 AM
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I would support this CIA/KGB theory and timeline of events but with some further expansion. Climb the tree, see no-one so light a fire perhaps? Half way down hill they all make a scattered run into the trees and form two groups? I think what you have described is a very believable and plausible scenario.
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January 30, 2020, 11:41:14 AM
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Outside force continue to search the tent whilst a hiker watches from up the tree. Outside force slashes tent from inside for added gravitas.
If they arrived from a helicopter and rope drop, could they exit the same way. That is the helicopter doesn't need to land.
Outside force given location of tent by single tracker with flare gun? Tracker then departs, having never been seen.

January 30, 2020, 12:14:00 PM
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Fast forward 59 years to 2018 and the exhuming of the remains. Doubt has been cast over who is in the grave. If not who they thought was the ninth hiker, that could explain why the imposter was targeted. The imposter was a wanted man.

January 30, 2020, 12:47:36 PM
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I'm thoroughly confused about Zolotaryov's remains. Russian scientists continue to screw up every test they conduct or perhaps authorities alter the results. Is it his DNA, his brother's DNA, confusion seems to reign. And if it's not his body, what happened to it? Why hide it? It's difficult enough to try to unravel the DPI mystery without other issues like Zolotaaryov's remains muddying the water.

 You're right, jarrfan, without documentation, missile explosions, nuclear weapon exposure, conspiracies, murder and so on will forever be speculation. I fear documentation was destroyed long ago or buried in some deep, dark hole.