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July 23, 2020, 10:55:06 AM
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Hello friends, I'm new here and I don't know about this website - that's why I may write in the wrong place. About a year ago, I came across this interesting case (Dyatlov) and I came up with another option - how it all could have happened ... I've tried to publish it several times - but I couldn't get attention anywhere - perhaps here in this There is someone in the forum who has access to better information than me and could support this thesis - or refute it. To the point: Maybe that:

1. When Datlov's group arrived in District 41, there was a meeting with local workers (they were - as I read most young men - recruits, former prisoners - forced residents). Let's try to imagine the life perspective (and joy of life) of someone who needs 25 years and has to live in this camp. He meets people every day who have the same fate as him, most of whom are dirty, uneducated and rude - but everyone believes that it will end well once and they will get out of here and start a new life - somewhere out there - maybe in the city - where they live the others - the lucky ones - people ... And one day - Datlov 's group will stop here for one day here, in this forgotten place. They are all young, intelligent, educated people, full of wit and life, they are well equipped and they are ... single ... and what am I? an involuntary worker in Quartir 41 with a messy life. They talk to each other about things I don't understand at all ... and with them there are two pretty girls. I'd like to at least talk to me ... but I just can't do it - I'm nobody. Only one of us tries to match them - Bart (he used to study and live in the city) - shows us - he also belongs to this better world and the rest of us suffer and suffer but they do not see and do not see it, and we for them we cook, we sing, we clean up - we're on hand - when I need something - but they don't care much about us - they just care about their expedition ... even though ... one or two of them asked us - if there is a Yeti (Snowman) - if we've seen him before - or at least a clue ... And indeed one of us .... claims that a few days ago - he talked to a Hunter a week ago and he saw them somewhere ... Well, he didn't tell us anything about it ... but immediately more and more members of the expedition sat down with us and listened curiously - it seemed that suddenly we were good for something ... and so when they showed us on the card the route of their march. .... we were all spontaneous, sure that the best place to see the Yeti is Berg Cholat. In other words - we started to get rid of them - but they didn't know it at all, this flowering of Soviet youth, who suddenly listened quietly and fascinated to us and believed every word. But because we didn't really know anything about Yeti - we couldn't say more - otherwise we would have betrayed ... Well, if they understood - that they wouldn't know more about the Snow Men - they changed the subject and we were again what we had been before. - human waste. At least that's how we all felt - when we went to bed - but before that - one of us came up with an idea - (maybe it was even Bart) that when they were so interested in the stupid Yeti - if we should show them to him (? ). He clearly said the other one - we will take on (need) those skin masks and the big shoes he (Vasja?) Designed for a long time - which look like you are 2.5 meters big - but so that they don't see us, I need some lights that we would have in the back and I need a little smoke - he said more, and I also need some dark sounds - the drum does not - I prefer a deep horn .... I added. Well, gentlemen - as soon as Onkel Slava will take them tomorrow, we will go to Mansi - if he lends us the sleigh with Yak - I think he will stick two bottles of Vodka ... We will tell Sef that we will finally bring them and do the work for us so he wants .. ??) - he will be surprised - that we are so hot for it ... Lol - Genius! I'll follow in their footsteps - it'll be so faster - we still know where they're headed - I'll know them better, I'll get them soon. Let's wait and set up a tent - and then when they go to bed, I'll serve them the Yeti - and they'll **** with it - you can take the poison, brother ... But one thing must be clear guys - we don't want to hurt them - so watch out - so that we don't get bogged down with the militia - so there will be no growth - all right? We'll just make fun of them - I'll show them - that they're at least as stupid as we are. We couldn't wait - until everyone is there ...

Somehow it might have looked like in Quartir 41 in the early evening of January 27, 59.

2. How could it continue ...
Perhaps the Quartirs41 (with their Yeti - costume) were seen several times from a great distance before they reached the Datlov Group. And they thought they really looked at the Yeti - that's why the entry in the evening newspaper Ortoten. Eventually, they caught up with them on the slope of Mount Cholat in the evening, and started all their surprising performances. They probably waited - until everyone went to the tent - that's why some of them were still dressed - maybe they were just in the toilet, while the others were preparing dinner ... Then the Yeti-Performance started - unfortunately it probably deviated from its scenario soon ...
Quartirovci41 make a lot of mysterious sounds and I don't know flashes (?) They damage the tent and it breaks down on the Datlov Group - they don't know what's going on - they cut the horizontal cuts into the tent first - so they can see something .... What do you see - I ask some people - I don't know - what it is - It's a Yeti - I don't know - wait to let me do it - I want to see for myself and cut more holes in the tent - Quartirovci41 step up psycho pressure and try to cause maximum panic - the goal is probably to leave the tent from Datlovs Gruppe out of fear and escape in panic - without recognizing the enemy ... The Quartirs41 would then happily return to the camp and the Datlovs Gruppe to their broken tent again - and then it would be possible - and the Datlovs Gruppe would then send them everywhere as attacked by the Yeti - and The Quartir family41 would heal their lesser feelings and celebrate their great victory for the rest of their lives ...
a) - maybe it also happened - with the difference that DGruppe was injured in a hurry in a hurry and then everyone died unhappily - the Quartirs may have been aware of the unintended sharpening of the situation and placed the el. light on the stone - to make it easier for DatGroup to return to the tent ... They learned about their death in a few weeks ...
b) - surprising defense - Slobodin - could not be so easily intimidated and attacked one of the "Yeti man" fists - he revanched with a blow with a blunt object (part of the disguise) into Slobodin's head ... Maybe some others put up resistance and were injured and driven away - yet they were probably still convinced - that it was a Yeti ... They died later of hypothermia and other injuries, which they themselves unhappily caused ....
c) The Quartirs41 were aware of Slobodin's unwanted fatal injury and after about one hour of rest they decided to see for themselves the consequences of their attack with their own eyes ... but they had no choice but to find and kill the remaining DatlovGroug - so that it would look as natural as possible - this is already described in other places.
Anyway, now everyone has to keep quiet - because everyone knows what to expect - if it breaks - the Gulag is a sweet appetizer.

Yes - it is clear to me that even this thesis has all the big questions that need to be answered - but I must admit I do not have enough opportunities. It would be interesting to learn more about the time spent by Datlovs Group in Quartir41 - read all the minutes from the interrogation of Quartirovcu41 - Slava, Bart usw. For example - did Judin see all the known shapes on his return from Nord2 - or did he miss some ...? Or - did he meet on the way back with oncoming people with sleighs? Can the camp leader prove - in the four days since DatlovsGroup left, all the settlers have remained in the camp? Etc.

And so - if any of you can support this thesis - or refute - whether it will do so - they are freely available to all of you - but I (secretly) hope that reality and truth is somewhere else - because what the world would be without mysteries. ...?
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