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Author Topic: American Indian insights: Menk theory  (Read 795 times)

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July 03, 2021, 05:55:45 PM
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Here is my response to a reply to of my post in the Yeti Theory thread. I'm sharing American Indian insights in General Discussion to see if there are others with good insights as a Yeti/Menk proponent:

"I appreciate some of your observations. The snow on tree etc. I'd encourage you to look at the post here in this thread put up by the guy who compared the Menk image to a proportional image of the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) superimposed over the Menk. In that you can clearly tell that the Menk had to be taller (around at least a foot and half). That Bigfoot man was at least 8 feet tall. Given the crushing injuries on the ones killed via kinetic violence, it was powerful strikes and grasping that killed them. Why would Bigfoot men have claws? The Menks weren't killing to eat these people so of course no bite marks. One of them did rip out a tongue and some eyes. Delicacies. My Tribe eats raw kidneys and livers and we eat cooked tongues and intestines. The Navajos eat deer eye balls. Many tribes in North America used to eat raw hearts. I eat cooked heart all the time. Allot of blood was found in the belly of the victim whose tongue was ripped out, indicating that she was still alive when it occurred. Another guy in this thread gave really good analysis of the crushing blows. Id encourage you to find his posts. Finally, the hikers did 1) write about the Snowman and that it lived by that mountain, 2) they kept taking photos of the forests as if they were trying to get photos of the Menk/Menks stalking them, 3) they had cut slits in the tent facing the forests as look-out holes, and opted to camp exposed like that to 4) keep an eye on the Menk who had been stalking them. Thus they didn't want to camp in the timber which under those weather conditions would make the most sense. BTW, in Tribal teachings from various Native American Tribes...some groups of Bigfoot men are aggressive. Others aren't. Also, they aren't animals. They are another form of man and are generally intelligent. The Mansi knew that area as Menk territory and that that specific group/tribe of Menk violently defended it. These youthful and somewhat ethnocentrically arrogant Russian hikers violated both Mansi Holy Sites (walking through and taking photos) and also forbidden Menk territory. They certainly upset the Mansi Tribal Spirits and also the Menks. But like I said, I'm not here to debate. Im hoping to talk with someone who believes the Yeti Theory and has some legit analysis of the Menk photo. That said, thanks for your good insights. I just gave you some American Indian ones."
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