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Hi! I'm Tristan. I'm in South Carolina. I read about the Dyatlov Pass Incident years ago on a very unaccredited site as part of one of those listmania "Weirdest Mysteries" articles. It was interesting of course but nothing I was willing to dive into a rabbit hole over. So fast forward to a few years later which would be about a month and a half ago. I watched the completely factual reenactment of the Dyatlov Pass Incident events in the movie "Devil's Pass" when toward the last thirty minutes I was only half paying attention which is the absolute worst time to lose focus in the movie. By the end I was left so confused I had no choice but to search endlessly in reddit forums for an explanation of how that last 30 minutes should be interpreted. It took a week of endless reading to find the most decent explanation.

It turns out, many many people just didn't get it in the end and certainly didn't put it all together as it was intended. Nevertheless in researching the movie that I actually think is quite great for a fictional thriller, something was moved in me in regards to the REAL story...or should I say tragedy. I found myself surrounded by tall tales, and embellished facts--completely unsatisfied with the theories presented to us web sleuths. I'm even angered at the misinformation that inundates the web. Why?

Because these were real people with real goals in life, real families that loved them, and real feelings. They were gifted, hard-working, productive members of their society. They deserved to come home from that tour and continue their lives--raise families and talk about that time in 1959 they battled a Siberian winter on foot in the Northern Urals.

I've been down the rabbit hole for a month and a half, sorting fact from fan fiction. The longer I spend down here, the closer I become to the nine dead skiers that deserve more than anything to rest in peace--they don't deserve to be this hot mess of a sideshow for people to exchange nonsensical theories they've forced to fit their personal agenda. Theories like aliens did it and this is all proof of a government conspiracy to cover it up because Soviet Russia and 'Merica! I've even read the proposal that one of the girls may have began her menses cycle and the pheromones produced from menstruation attracted a mating yeti. nea1

I've certainly amassed a lot of my own questions that have yet to be brought up in this forum, but I just joined like this morning so. Hopefully I'll find peace with this tragedy in the ranks of like-minded individuals who are equally unsatisfied with what's available as far as evidence (or lack thereof).

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