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Hello everybody


Hello.  I'm a 27 year old girl from Italy.
I found out about this story more than one year ago, following a page about photography on a popular social network, which sometimes talks about mysteries. I've soon been captured by this sequence of events, in a way which I can't explain rationally.
I started to search on the internet about possible explanations, watched videos, read forums, examined this site many times every day. I was curious, altough upset.
This story haunted me - I'm sure that you'll be able to sympathize with that. But after a couple of weeks, I decided to give it a rest and focus on other things.
Last week this story somehow came powerfully to my mind again, and I quickly began to re-document on it.
I'm here to share my ideas and comments because I feel the need to unload myself from the extreme sense of impotence and sorrow which invades me every time I think to those people and their undeserved, terrible fate.
I'm sure that you will understand my feelings towards all this.

Welcome to the Pass! 


I am so glad you found this forum!!! Welcome as you should fit right in!! Unload all of your thoughts on us. I feel much the same way. Something about this Incident just nags at me constantly.

Thank you :)


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