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Some may be familiar with me, some may not be. Either way, I am looking forward to making this the go-to discussion forum board for any and all things related to the Dyatlov Pass incident!

I have been interested in the DP incident for some time.  I guess it all started about 6 years ago when I saw a brief deal about it on the History channel. Needless to say, the program was rather fantastical in the way it presented the incident. You know.... the typical 'eyes and tongue ripped out'.... was it alien abduction yada yada.  So I started looking into the known facts of the case for myself, and it has turned into somewhat of a hobby debating with friends/family etc as to what may have 'actually' happened. 

Ill be the first to tell you that I do not know. I may have a few favorite theories, but Im not "married" to any particular one. What I find interesting is all the possibilities and theories put forth over the years, all of which in my opinion carry a certain level of believably.

Any how,  I live in Texas (US), and volunteered to help kick off this forum and get it off the ground as I am experienced in operating forums etc.  Thats it for now....  post away and discuss!!     thumb1

Hi, Loose Cannon--  Thanks for helping make this forum happen.  I'm glad to have a discussion place with a bit more organization than was possible on the comments section.

This forum exists thanks to Loose Cannon. That's all I'm sayin'!


I'm new here. I'm fascinated by this topic for some reason. There are times when I lay awake in bed, and think about those 9 poor souls, how much they must have suffered. I think for this reason, I'm more interested to know what happened once they fled/walked away from the tent after having cut it open, rather than to know the exact reason why the fled down the valley in the first place.

Despite my name, I don't think the CIA had anything to do with it. Nor the KGB. I'm open to these ideas, though. I'm not open to such nonsense as gravity fluctuation. I mean, common! My favorite theory is due to a lack of imagination the avalanche.

I am new to board. Dustin D. Wynn atyerserviss.  bow7


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