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Title: Guns in the area
Post by: Charles on May 11, 2022, 02:53:44 PM
According to the diaries, there were at least two rifles in the area :

"We traveled with Blinov group. They have things for hunting and other accessories". January 24, Yudin in group's diary.

"Got back on the Mansi trail. (Up to now we are following a Mansi trail on which not so long passed a hunter with deer.) Yesterday it seems we stumbled upon his resting stop. Deer didn't go any further. The hunter took the beaten trail by himself, we are following in his steps." January 31, Dyatlov in group's diary.

Dyatlov's group was not alone in the area, and both of the other human presences in the area carried firearms.

I didn't read any comment on that matter. If it was already pointed, just feel free to suppress the thread.