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I have seen no mention of flares in the inventory lists.  I do wonder if the light the Shumkov group saw over 1079 while they were camped on Mt. Chistop might have been a signal flare of some sort, but without any flares in the inventory list, its only conjecture. 
General Discussion / Re: Pulsed microwave weapons and the 'Havana syndrome'
« Last post by RidgeWatcher on September 17, 2021, 10:32:19 PM »
In the U.S. they call it the "Havana Syndrome" because it was first report by U.S> Diplomats working near downtown Havana near/in the Embassy:

Since that time it has expounded in various locations and always, it seems, among U.S. Alphabets or Diplomats in the various countries were they are working, maybe not doing nice things, perhaps.

the people directly telling their stories: although I have never heard this myself, before:

General Discussion / Re: Photographs
« Last post by time2fly on September 17, 2021, 03:45:25 PM »

Because of the information you discovered about the the "three heads" picture I'm very skeptical that any of the alleged pictures presented by Valentin Yakimenko are actually from the camera on Zolotaryov's body.

Looking through the other rolls of film, there are lots of spots and defects that could, when magnified, look exactly like the pictures Yakimenko presented.

Your doubt is justified. There is some strangeness concerning the frames, and why the seemingly most important ones are still not public. I believe many of the frames presented by Yakimenko are actually enlarged dust artifacts and emulsion damage. However, Z7 (eagle) does look pretty authentic. I will travel to Yekaterinburg next year to find out.

Meanwhile, I did a little image analysis and compared the famous 34 and Slobodin frames to pictures that were taken in the so-called M-Zone, 500 km south of the Dyatlov pass, in 1994. The M-Zone lies on the same tectonic fault line as the Dyatlov pass, and similar light phenomena (UAPs) have been observed there over the years.

And just for fun, I did some histogram modifications on frame 34. Sure doesn't look like a lab light, tent entrance or rocket to me.

The so called "plane" to me is a more rectangular version of the UAP. Plasma clouds have been known to be rectangual. In my book there is a scientific analysis as to why.

And again just for fun, here is a comparison of M-Zone fireballs to the famous recent pentagon gimbal videos. I'll leave the conclusion up to you:

All of these (and more surprises) are explained in detail in my book "NOT a cold case". I also analyze the "eagle" frame in detail, which to me is authentic and the most important public available piece of evidence.

PS: The key to the mystery has always been why they fled the tent. And the key to that are the UAPs that multiple people have observed during and after the incident. And they were photographed by at least 5 Dyatlov cameras according to Valentin Yakimenko. There are even eye witnesses on Mt. Chistop on the night of the 1.2,. who thought the Dyatlovs were shooting flares to celebrate their ascent. Must have been big flares, since they were 50 km away.
I find it odd that the group didn't even seem to think that taking a flare was important.  Does anyone remember reading about any of these groups at the time discussing ways to contact the "outside world" in the event of an emergency situation?
General Discussion / Re: Flashlight on top of tent
« Last post by Manti on September 17, 2021, 05:24:55 AM »
Yes, that could be it.
General Discussion / Re: Flashlight on top of tent
« Last post by Игорь Б. on September 16, 2021, 07:35:12 PM »
What force can tear down one half...
Эта сила - девять человек, вскочившие на ноги в палатке высотой 120 см. и отпрянувшие назад от входа. Лыжные палки, подпиравшие центральную часть и задний торец палатки упали.

P.S. Без печки центр палатки поддерживался лыжной палкой:
General Discussion / Re: Flashlight on top of tent
« Last post by Manti on September 16, 2021, 03:12:45 PM »
A flashlight on top of the tent rules out katabatic wind, and meteorite explosion shockwaves. Unless.. it was placed there later.

But there were no other traces in the area, apart from the footprints leading down from the tent, so unless it was dropped onto the tent from a helicopter... the Dyatlovites must have left it there.

However.. another inconsistent thing is that one half of the tent has collapsed and the rope torn, so there had to be some strong force acting on that half of the tent. Was the flashlight found on the other half? What force can tear down one half but leave a flashlight in place on the other?

So based on this, the Dyatlov group must have left the flashlight on the tent but after the tent has already half-collapsed.

Another possibility I would consider is that multiple searchers have found the tent independently and the first of them have left the flashlight.
General Discussion / Is a trench necessary for camping on the slope? Why dig a trench?
« Last post by Manti on September 16, 2021, 03:02:06 PM »
From their last photos, we know they dug a trench.
However, was the tent even found in a trench? From the search photos, it doesn't seem so but hard to tell.
I have read on a different site that a searcher said a trench was found next to the tent but can't find that testimony in the case files...
What could be the purpose of digging one? Starting a campfire perhaps?
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This is an underhanded tactic from the science field that I have sadly seen too many times. They write extremely technical, usually formula-heavy articles that are extremely hard for a layman to read. I sometimes wonder how many people start to read the article, find themselves in a bewildering forest of technobabble where they can’t even tell what point the paragraph is trying to make, and finally give up and decide that the people must know what they’re talking about because they’re super smart, and they did all those experiments, and it’s based on a computer model. Computers are never wrong. Nobody ever seems to be suspicious that the people writing the article are counting on that, because their technical jargon, computer models, and pages of of math equation are hiding several major problems that can be spotted with good, old-fashioned common sense once the scientific and intellectual veneer is pushed aside.

Very good observation ! That is the example of the Gaume & Puzrin article, which is certainly correct and accurate, but is useless for explaining the main official documents and reports currently available on the DPI.


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No, the injuries are not what can be expected from an avalanche.

The damaging of rib cages and pointed crushing of  skulls seen in Slobodin and Thibeaux-Brignolle are consistent with injuries we see when people are killed by skilled close combat specialists. An avalanche would unlikely crush skulls and rib cages without damaging the limbs. The fracture pattern on the skull of Thibeaux-Brignolle immediately strikes one as having the shape of a rifle butt, and the fact that Dubinina and Zolotaryov had damaged rib cages with no dislocations or fractures of the limbs makes it pretty safe to exclude the avalanche and snow slad theories. Kolevatov's crushed larynx also is far from what one would find if heavy snow had caused the damage, and I myself have learned the technique in jiu jitsu. I also have learned that a trained fighting specialist very easily can break the rib cage of victims with forceful elbow strikes, and this technique leads to major internal bleeding, shock and death.

It is interesting that Zolotaryov and Dubinina, but not the two others found at the same place, had crushed rib cages. A probable explanation is that since the group almost certainly was attacked by professional killers, these professionals were grouped in three and three. One group took Zolotaryov and Dubinina, while another expedited Thibeaux-Brignolle and Kolevatov. Different methods were used, according to the situation and the resistance the hikers put up.

From the "HOW" part of the TOK theory:

A single group of three attackers, who are not trained in the subtleties of the art of jiu jitsu, but who are able to hit hard and coordinate their strikes in the darkness while trying to isolate each hiker.

No noisy firearms but blunt objects - big sticks wrapped in rags to silently stun.

 •  The free process, very much in use in the Gulag camps since before 1929, is to immobilise the victim by knocking him out and then simply let him die of cold, which can take a long time depending on the temperature.

 •  To push in the chests: use of the "trampoline principle" :
A 100kg striker jumps 1 metre, feet together, onto Dubinina or Zolotaryov ---> 1000 joules
Rebound of the same striker at the same height ---> 1000 joules
So an impact of 2000 joules, spread over the width of the two feet of the attacker (20 - 25 centimetres), which is very sufficient

 •   To excise the eyes and the tongue: small knife or better still a solid small spoon whose edges have been made sharp with a grinding stone or a file.

TOK theory = Eduard Tumanov + Per Inge Oestmoen + Aleks Kandr =  murder or relentless Altercation on the pass

An unusual and short summary of TOK theory by Anatoliy Stepochkin who says he knows what happened on Dyatlov Pass.

«...[/- in Vizhay the -\] Shamans [/- VIP sponsors worried and angry, hired -\] hunters ....[/-  mercenary attackers who -\] tracked them down. And in the middle of the night, when they fell asleep, the shamans [/- attackers -\] cut the tarp and launched some kind of dope inside. Hunters [/- attackers -\] surrounded the tent. And when the hikers jumped out, we killed them all. They were 9 or 10....»


Igor B has the tremendous quality of proposing a complete and detailed explanation of the DPI.
To be able to judge Igor B theory correctly, you should read the interesting forum :

Unfortunately, it is long to read because there are 110 pages of 20 posts which makes about 2200 posts !
It is entirely in Russian (except for the pictures) and it is very difficult for me (despite the translation software) because I do not know Russian.

 ••• Leaving the tent without the necessary equipment and suddenly making the air inside the tent unbreathable
===>   arrival of a wolverine

The wolverine is perhaps one of the least studied large carnivores in the world. Many people do not know that Wolverine has exactly the same chemical weapons as the skunk...»[/i]

See for example

 ••• For the four of the Den

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I agree with your observations winterleia.
The ravine 4 injuries are explained well by Igor b. I am happy with his observations and reasoning. If it was a collapse of a snow bridge/cave they wouldn't be able to dig there way out, nor could anyone that was standing outside of the collapse dig them out. The nature of the snow would be like concrete. Maybe some of the others tried but had to give up.
It is plausible....
If the ravine 4 did use a naturally formed snow cave and it did collapse on top of them , there is a lot of evidence to explain their injuries. This includes broken ribs and fractures, the nature of the fractures , lack of frostbite compared to the other 5 along with other known differences in the autopsy.

 ••• For Kolgomorova, Dyatlov and Doroshenko's injuries, Krivonishenko's burns and crushing of skulls seen in Slobodin and Thibeaux-Brignolle Igor B is more questionable and less convincing.

Perhaps we could try to consult Eduard Tumanov later  ?? .

 ••• I notice that the Igor B theory as well as the TOK theory are consolidated by the meteorological part of the "Lupos theory", i.e. the sudden arrival in the night of a snow storm  --->  wind = 35 m/s and temperature = - 50 °C.

    Dyatlov Pass Forum > Theories Discussion > Catabatic Wind - Acute Stress Reaction - Cold Air Drops

General Discussion / Re: Flashlight on top of tent
« Last post by Игорь Б. on September 14, 2021, 09:45:22 PM »
Other explanations?
Фонарик был просто потерян при выбегании из палатки. Как и подсвечник, например.
Только фонарик нашли в 1959 году, а подсвечник в 2013. Если бы было наоборот, то получилось бы, что туристы выбегали из палатки со свечкой в руках.

Все находки на месте палатки в 2013 году:

Was there not the odd observation that it was found on top of a significant amount of snow?

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