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General Discussion / Re: sarapuk
« Last post by Morski on August 31, 2021, 09:56:24 AM »
I have noticed that Sarapuk is missing as well since april/may.

I think it is really odd for such an active member of our community to stop posting just like that, and I do hope he is well and there are other reasons for this.

General Discussion / Re: sarapuk
« Last post by Ziljoe on August 31, 2021, 09:23:56 AM »
That is a worry. I hope everything thing is ok.
General Discussion / sarapuk
« Last post by Teddy on August 31, 2021, 09:12:40 AM »
Jean Daniel Reuss alerted me to the fact that sarapuk has disappeared from the forum without saying goodbye.
Jean Daniel Reuss wrote to me:

  • I checked sarapuk's profile
         Posts: 2381 (1.916 per day) (sarapuk was therefore usually very busy).
         Last Active: May 19, 2021 02:01: 06 PM
  • In sarapuk's posts of this year 2021, I do not detect any indication that he was planning to voluntarily stop contributing to the forum.
  • If sarapuk were simply ill or hospitalized he would not be alone, completely isolated. There would be people to help him, to care for him.
  • And then, he who wrote 2381 posts in 3 years, even if he is completely immobilized in a bed, after 3 months (May 19 to August 31), he would have asked a small favor to someone around him. Something like: "please go to //, (Password=...), and write: sarapuk can not participate at this time.....".
    (no Evidence just speculation)
I fear that he is ill, very sick, and perhaps even dead, especially since he had indicated his age: 69 years old, that is not young.
And I also hope very much that I am a stupid person to be so pessimistic and assume the worst.

Please pray that we are wrong.
I don't want to add more crosses.
To me it sounds like there must have been a specific instance before (maybe not on a hike) where Kolevatov had an argument with some member of the group. Or maybe Dyatlov told the others that they had problems with him on the previous hike.

There is some mixed stuff about him in the Diaries (and his own Diary was lost). He seemed to be quite liked by Lyuda.

Unknown Diary 30/01:

"Volunteers" (S. Kolevatov and K. Tibo are repeating their duties as a punishment for slowing the group yesterday) took a long time to start a fire.

Zina's Diary 28/01:

Sasha Kolevatov tested his device, then quit.

(Probably a make-shift sled, constructed with the extra pair of skis they carry, they refer to this in the Evening Otorten)

Zina's Diary 30/01:

Kolya didn't get to be a watchman so me and Rustik will stay on duty today.

Lyuda's Diary 24/01:

We talked all kinds of nonsense, of course; everyone was interested, everyone wanted to speak out, eventually trying to out-shout each other and prove their own opinion. Sasha Kolevatov was the best in our debates. Probably he expressed not only his own thoughts but, anyway, he obviously won.

Lyuda's Diary 26/01:

Rustik and Kolya reasoned a little about everything, about work, etc. I like these guys.

Nothing too bad. He was slowing the group down on one day and didn't get to be watchman, which is a bit odd. Otherwise he seemed to be liked by the group.
They're definitely different scans. How Yakimenko got these and why he has never explained himself is a mystery to me.
Yeti / Snowman / Re: The Yeti and why Zolotaryov had two cameras
« Last post by Zozzle on August 31, 2021, 01:39:07 AM »
Could you elaborate on the camera models? I know we have one picture of Thibo's camera (the "duel shot") but I could not find descriptions of the model and that of the camera found on the Body. The camera on the Body seems to be in a leather carrying case.

2) Why would you think it's specifically Zolotaryov who shoot the "yéti" picture ?

It could have been somebody else, but I think it wasn't Thibo. He was portrayed in the frames before and all the shots from frame 11 onwards are out of focus, which suggests the photographer wasn't used to the camera.

I think it was Zolotaryov because according to this theory, he was the last one to have that camera.

3) Why do you think the other are making fun of Zolotaryov in the Evening Ortoten ?

If he took the picture, it makes sense that they make fun of him. He's also older and might have told some tall tales about Yetis.
Yeti / Snowman / Re: The Yeti and why Zolotaryov had two cameras
« Last post by Paf on August 30, 2021, 03:15:42 PM »
1) We know what brand was Tibo's camera, and it does not match the one found on Zolotaryov's neck.
2) Why would you think it's specifically Zolotaryov who shoot the "yéti" picture ?
3) Why do you think the other are making fun of Zolotaryov in the Evening Ortoten ?

You're adding lots of supposition on an already foggy story, and none of them seems necessary to me for your conclusions...
You believe the menk killed them all. But why is "who shot the menk picture" question important ? If it's to explain that Zolotaryov took off the film in his own camera, it's not very probable: he knew he could only see the picture back in town, and had lots of days left to finis the camera roll before to take it off -with no delays in the picture development.
I think Kolevatov is quite an outsider in the group.

He's only been hiking with Dyatlov once, and once with Blinov, when the others were quite more used to hike together and for some, good friends.

Plus, he had been working earlier in his life. Ha was probably not "the standard student" in a matter of maturity. (Dubinina herself is saying some of the guys are quite more mature than herself.) Zina is young, she can feel a shift between them (not that everybody will, some guys are probably closer to him than to her in a maturity matter.)
He is probably ambitious, very ambitious (enough to leave a very good job in Moscow to get a better, more secure one later.), or he has something to hide witch motivated his decision: in any case, not the "standard student" here neither.
He don't seems very involved in the hiking club : his list of known hike is not long. I think the New Year hike he did with Dyatlov was a test after he asked to enter the Ortoten trek. His mother said he had to pay/provide most equipment until he "ran out of money" (probably not quite, but still). So he probably earned his place in the trek that way.

For me, there is nothing here but a comment about Kolevatov's trait, and not important enough to make the "probable quarrel" neither a fact or a matter of life. But who knows, Kolevatov is so mysterious !

General Discussion / Re: Menk Face...Zoomed in and clearly Simian
« Last post by Ziljoe on August 30, 2021, 02:58:23 PM »

Don't know if this will work. I flipped a picture and very roughly matched the height with head shoulders etc.
General Discussion / Re: Menk Face...Zoomed in and clearly Simian
« Last post by Paf on August 30, 2021, 02:26:05 PM »
One of your argument is the proportion between the head and the body.

What you forget is the temperature. The guy is overdressed. Its thickness doesn't come from its Menk nature but from layers of jumpers and coats. If you check the size of the tree branch next to him, the distance, etc, it seems pretty impossible he's taller than 6 feet/1m80.
Here's what an man dressed for a long time at -40°c looks like with modern, specific materials
check the proportion, you won't find the same than a big guy in t-shirt like the rock !

Your second argument is the face you find in the hanhenced picture.

But this is not the face of the man, it's the edge of his hood. The whites spots come from snow on it, and are made up as a face by enhancement. His actual face is looking to the left (to his right hand actually) and is hidden in the shed of the hood. Otherwise, how do you explain the dark area on the side of the menk's head ? All his right side is far more lighted up than this area, even his armpit is barely shadowed.
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