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Well I would have thought that any unexplained phenomena must be worth investigating, ie, reports of lights in the sky around the time of THE INCIDENT.

I dont think it is so strange, that few people go down the "extraterrestrial road". Out of the most popular theories, that of a ufo or humanoid creature are most hard to proof, therefore their interpretations and explanations suffer. But of course, people have different mindsets for what to consider possible, or real.
For me, I tnink that there isnt too much to argue about, spicifically regarding the Dyatlov Pass incident. For pretty much every other theory there is something to hold on to - being physical evidence, witness testimony, available documents, reports, and therefore a lot of reasonable discussions. Lights in the sky dont necessarily proof ufo activity and legends are not sufficient to put the blame on poor ol` Yeti.

I understand, that every unexplained phenomena needs discussion, but probably the lack of such discussion in that topic speaks for itself. Perhaps when/if the other popular theories drain off, or get decisively rejected, the sounding less plausible would get more attention.

Yes the UFO road is definitely off the beaten track. The main road is bound to get more attention.

See these UFO reports during the investigation.

16. III.59 To the
Chief of the Ivdel Police Station  17. II. 59, 6 h. 50 m. Local time in the sky appeared not an ordinary phenomenon. Movement of a star with a tail. The tail looked like dense cirrus clouds. Then this star was freed from the tail, became brighter than the stars and flew. It gradually began to swell, forming a large ball, enveloped in a haze. Then inside this ball the star caught fire, from which first a crescent was formed, then a small ball formed, not so bright. The big ball gradually began to fade, became like a blurry spot. At 075 hours it disappeared altogether. A star moved from the south to the northeast.

Meteorological Technician Tokarev (signature) 
Early. HMS Piguzova (signature)
Sheet 260

Prodanov, Vishnevsky, 31.03.59, 9.30 local time.
31.3 04 00 in the southeast direction, the orderly Meshcheryakov noticed a large ring of fire that for 20 minutes moved on us, hiding behind a height of 880. 
Before disappearing beyond the horizon, a star appeared from the center of the ring, which gradually increased to the size of the moon, became fall down separating from the ring.
An unusual phenomenon was observed by all the personnel raised by alarm.
We ask you to explain this phenomenon and its safety, since in our conditions this produces an alarming impression.

Avenburg Potapov Sogrin

Sheet 264

The protocol of interrogation of the witness on April 7, 1959 .... Prosecutor of the city of Ivdel, ml Justice Advisor Tempalov ... 
Savkin Alexander Dmitrievich, born in 1926, serviceman, Military Unit 6602 "B", 9 classes, member. CPSU, Russian, Personalities No. 7919, education of 9 classes ... The 
witness showed: 1 February 7, 1959 at 6:40 in the morning while in office on the south side the ball appeared brightly white light, which periodically enveloped in a white dense fog inside this cloud was a bright-luminous point the size of an asterisk.
Moving towards the north direction the ball was visible for 8-10 minutes.
The interrogation protocol was filled in by his own hand on April 7, 1959. Savkin
Prosecutor Mr. Ivdel Tempalov (signature)
Sheet 266

The protocol of interrogation of the witness ... by the prosecutor of Ivdel, ml by Justice Adviser Tempalov ... 
Novikov Alexander Stepanovich, born in 1929, serviceman, V / H 6602 "B", member. CPSU, Russian, identity card 7374, special secondary education ... The 
witness showed: on February 17, 1959 at 6.40 am, from the south mark I could see a ball of bright white cet which periodically enveloped in white dense fog. Inside this cloud a bright luminous point the size of an asterisk was observed. Periodically decreased and increased in volume. The balloon moved from south to north. The movement of the ball was observed for 8-12 m. 
The interrogation protocol was executed with his own hand. April 7, 1959 
Novikov (signature) 
Prosecutor Mr. Ivdel Tempalov (signature)
Sheet 267

The protocol of interrogation of the witness ... by the prosecutor of Ivdel, ml by Justice Adviser Tempalov ... 
Anisimov Anatoly Leonidovich, born in 1937, serviceman, V / H No. 6602, member. VLKSM, Russian, service book No. 65764, education of 7 classes ...


On February 17, 1959, at 6:00 (illegible) minutes of the morning, I was on duty.
At this time, from the south side, appeared a ball of large sizes, enveloped in white fog. The big circle. When moving across the sky, the ball then increased, then decreased its brightness. With a decrease, the ball hid in a white fog and only a luminous dot could be seen through this fog. Periodically the luminous point increased its brightness, increasing also in size. With increasing brightness, the luminous point, which took the form of a sphere, it seemed to push the fog (unintelligible), while at the same time increasing its density along the edges, and then hiding itself in the fog. The impression was created that the ball itself radiated this (inaudible) fog, which formed the shape of a circle around (inaudible). The ball moved very slowly and at high altitude. This ball was visible for ten minutes, and then disappeared in the north, as if melted away. That's all I saw.

The interrogation protocol was filled in by his own hand on April 7, 1959. Anisimov A.L. (signature) 
Prosecutor Mr. Ivdel Tempalov (signature)
Interrogation of witness Karelin V.G.
Sheet 290

Protocol of interrogation of the witness April 15, 1959 Prosecutor of the Investigative Department of the Prosecutor's Office of the Sverdlovsk Region ml. counselor of justice Romanov in the oblast prosecutor's office as a witness of Art. Art. 62-168 Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR
In connection with the death of the group Dyatlov should tell us about the unusual celestial phenomenon, which we observed in our campaign on February 17, 1959 on the watershed ridges of the rivers of the North Toshake and Vizhaem. Around 7:30 am Sverdlovsk time, I was awakened by the cry of the people on duty preparing breakfast: "Guys, look, look, what a strange phenomenon!".
I jumped out of the sleeping bag and out of the tent without shoes in some woolen socks and, standing on the branches, saw a large bright spot. It grew. In the center of it appeared a small star, which also began to increase. All this stain moved from the northeast to the southwest and fell to the ground. Then it disappeared behind the forest and the forest, leaving a bright strip in the sky. This phenomenon produced a different impression on different people: Atmanaki claimed that it seemed to him that now zamlya would explode from a collision with some planet; This phenomenon seemed to Shevkunov "not so terrible", it did not make a special impression on me - the fall of a large meteorite and nothing more. All this phenomenon took place just over a minute.Interrogation of witness Skorykh GI.
Sheet 378

Protocol of interrogation of the witness Skorykh
G. Novaya Lyalya May 29, 1959

The prosecutor of the Novo-Lyalinsky district, the junior counselor of justice Pershin interrogated as a witness of Skorykh George Ivanovich, born in 1925, a native of the Altai Territory of the Solonishinsky district, p. Bulatovo, non-partisan, the formation of 7 classes, by nationality of Russian, marital status - married, having a family of 5 people, works as the head of the plot of the Karaul subsidiary farm of the Bumkombinat, living with. Guard of the Novo-Lyalinsky district of the Sverdlovsk region.
"On criminal liability under Article 92, 95 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR for refusing to testify and give false testimony is warned." Skorykh (signature)

Sheet 378 - turnover

In essence, given the polls, I will explain that approximately in the middle of February, 1959, I was in my apartment in the village of Karaul Novo-Lyalinsky district.
Approximately 6-7 o'clock in the morning, my wife went out into the street and immediately (struck out "ver" - note), she knocked at the window and shouted to me through the window: "Look at what a ball is flying and turns." At this cry I jumped out onto the porch and from the second floor of the house in which I live from the porch I saw how far away a large luminous sphere

Sheet 379

the size of the sun or the moon. I can describe the picture of what I saw, so this glowing sphere looked like a bright sun in a fog. The ball moved in a straight line far from us, but I noticed that the light of this ball was constantly changing in a certain alternation of red and green light, around which at the same time a white halo in the form of a sphere was constantly preserved.

From here the impression was created that this moving ball changing color was in a white shell

Sheet 379 - turnover

Alternating red and green light was produced periodically. The ball disappeared very quickly and I watched it only for a few seconds, after which it disappeared behind the horizon.

No noise from the flight of this ball, I have not heard and believe that the ball flew away from us at a very long distance.

This ball, as I imagine walking along the Ural ridge from the south to the server, but I can not specify the exact direction of the flight, because

Sheet 380

all this happened instantly for a few seconds and at what distance this ball was from us I could not even orient myself, especially since I immediately after I got out of bed, and therefore even for this reason I could not ("orientate" struck out - note ed.) catch all that is happening.

Recorded correctly. Read. Skorykh (Signed) 
Prosecutor Pershin interrogated (signature).


© NGO "INTERNET CENTER of the Dyatlov group tragedy", 2008. The text of the conversation of the "Center for Civil Investigation of the Dyatlov Pass tragedy" NAVIG, with widow Prudkova V.I. in Yekaterinburg on the case of Dyatlov Pass incident 11 July 2008 by phone.

 [[  my husband worked in the hospital for the civilian staff of Ivdellag and he was a surgical consultant for all the hospitals in Ivdellag (there were many points there) and was in charge of the department of this hospital.
NAVIG: He was a military?
VI: No. He was certified after graduating from the institute, he was admitted in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and was given the rank. The hospital belonged to the "Medical and Sanitary Service P.O. N-240". In these days everyone saw (in Ivdel, NAVIG notes) some glowing object, much like a moon, only it was there night and day and morning and evening, on the slope (in the sky) closer to the horizon, a triangle. It was far away and it was visually the size of 6 cm in all sides.
NAVIG: Was it staying in one place or moving?
VI: It seemed to be staying in same place.
NAVIG: This was in early February?
VI: Yes, it was then when it happened and even when we already knew about it.  ]]

[[  NAVIG: Did your husband say anything about Dyatlov group?
VI: No, we were all law-abiding and, probably, there was a non-disclosure. Here's what else was said among the population that after they found everyone, there were planes and helicopters that took something from the place of the tragedy.
NAVIG: Valentina Ivanovna, thank you for your time.  ]]


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