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Greetings! First time posting here, and I've just begun to sift through the forum. But my interest in the DPI goes back many years.

Mr. Yakimov's account and Dr. Johnson's perspective are intriguing. I would heartily agree with Sara, in that there are certainly innumerable reports that cannot be easily dismissed as "figments of imagination." But, while I am not a scientist of any stripe it was not my impression that the doctor was concluding that the phenomenon which Mr. Yakimov experienced was imagined. I took him to mean only that some aspects of the way Mr. Yakimov perceived the phenomenon's behavior (specifically the way it seemed to react more aggressively to being looked at directly) could have a neurological basis.

My own background lies in various aspects of storytelling, an area in which one could make the case that an appreciation for the phenomenological nature of consciousness might well be beneficial. I've read many remarkable accounts and spoken to many people who have had experiences which defy conventional explanation. A lifetime of such encounters has given me a strong sense of knowing truth when I hear it. There is both a humility and level of detail in Mr. Yakimov's report that rings true to me.

I forget who said it, but I relate very much to the declaration, "I am too much of a skeptic to deny the possibility of anything." As I imagine Dr. Johnson would confirm, we each respond to the world around us in a manner that is consistent with the experiences that have made us who we are. So, I don't claim to be a truth detector. If I believe in anything that lies beneath the framework of the comprehensible world, it is Narrative Causality: Things happen as they do because it makes for a better story.

Mostly, when I consider the mystery of what happened to those young people in that remote, cold place I feel only sadness. Sadness can itself be an Unknown Compelling Force.

I guess that's why I'm here. Seeking at least a feeling of fellowship with those who look back across the veil of time and wonder what the hell happened that night.


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Many thanks, LC!

Friends and colleagues !

As I have not received questions to Yury Yakimov, I cannot set them from your name.
We talked to it on this theme still 10 years ago, therefore I yet have to it no new questions. Therefore I cannot add that still later.


I thought I would post this link because it has many interesting posts of people who have witnessed similar things to Yuri Yakimov.


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