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Possible sexual assault?

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I've always wondered if this was also a sexual attack upon one or both women. I know the autopsy disputes this for Zina but I don't entirely trust those autopsy results. Seems like the kind of thing authorities might want to omit back then. Just as they "omitted" the fact that a serial rapist/murderer had killed 100 plus people before the citizens even knew about it. Soviets were good about withholding information from their own people. But we'll never know.

If it was sexual assault, what do you think is more likely? Someone from the group having committed it or an outsider?

An outsider, no question. Def NOT any of the 9.

Upon looking into this further, there is NO evidence of sexual assault on either woman. This idea is therefore debunked.

Yes, the autopsies state that both Lyuda and Zina were virgins. When I read it, I had some doubts about this (due to their age), but the 1950s were different times...

By the way, the pathologist even checked for signs of rape on the men. Again, the case files are highly recommended reading.. on this topic Zolotaryov's autopsy is probably the one containing some surprising information for me... anyway, nothing much significant.


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