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question about the missing tongue (and "hello" from germany) :D

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Your page is great. You've gathered so much information, imagery, and especially the logs and reports (which are a valuable source). I know that means a lot of work. You`ve my full respect and a big "thank you"!  bow7

I`m from germany and apologize myself  for the bad (school-)english.

I`ve stumbled upon something several times and have a question about this:

In the autopsy report of Dubinina (page 355 at the very bottom) is wtitten: Язык в полости рта отсутствует = The tongue in the oral cavity is missing!

On page 356 (forensic report Dubinina) also quite far below is written: "Диафрагма рта и языка отсутствует", translated into english -> The diaphragm of the mouth and tongue is absent. I think "diaphragm" can alternatively mean muscle (is it right?)? In german, the word "diaphragm" makes less sense in terms of the tongue.

"В желудке содержалось до 100 см.3 слизистой массы темнокрасноватого цвета."
The stomach contains up to 100 cm3 of dark brown mucosal mass (page 356 bottom).

I`ve often read that the tongue was cut out / torn alive. It`s also based on the blood found in the stomach. But I can`t read anything about it in the report of Vozrozhdenny.

I also found it on your site: (in the table below the maps): Dubinina -> "tongue removed while she was still alive"

The topic "tongue" led to heated discussions in a german forum ( :D ).

Now my question: How do you get on "tongue removed while she was still alive"? Is there any other source besides the autopsy report? Or another statement from a forensic scientist? How does this controversy come?

Thank you for your answer and a warm regards from germany!  thumb1

From the autopsy

--- Quote ---The diaphragm of the mouth and tongue is absent.
--- End quote ---

All it says...... nothing about being torn out etc.  The diaphragm is referring to the membrane at the back of the throat....

--- Quote ---The tongue in the oral cavity is absent. The oral mucosa are of grayish green color.
--- End quote ---

Again, just tates the tongue is missing.  The oral mucosa basically refers to the entire lining of the oral cavity..... its was green or 'aka' decomposed. 

Welcome aboard!

But in the infographic chart way down on the home DPI page that lists the victims, it does state for Lyudmila "tongue removed while still alive."

That's actually speculation, not fact and you know that LC. I think the infographic needs to be changed/updated to be as close to the available evidence as possible and we just can't conclude no matter what the contents of the stomach were that her tongue was removed while alive.

You and I know that the bloody mass in her stomach cavity is most likely from the internal injuries she sustained (punctured heart is my guess) rather than the tongue.

By the way, Welcome to the forum! We are so glad you're here to bring these things up!!!

Teddy will have to deal with the chart. I don't know its origins.

at CalzagheChick ... it`s exactly what I mean  okey1

--- Quote from: CalzagheChick on May 29, 2018, 07:07:28 PM ---
By the way, Welcome to the forum! We are so glad you're here to bring these things up!!!

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Welcome aboard!

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Thank you very much!

The reference table is my creation. The "tongue removed while she was still alive" is because of
"Dubinina was laying on a kind of a natural ledge with water rolling over it. Her mouth was open. There are claims that the tongue was ripped, or eaten, or whatnot. The medical records simply that "the tongue is missing". Vozrozhdenny describes missing hypoglossal muscle as well as muscles of the floor of the mouth.
It looks weird especially given the fact previous bodies had more detailed autopsies. There is no credible explanation for this vague statement. Although it is mentioned that the stomach contained about 100 g of coagulated blood. It is used by some as an indication that the heart was beating and the blood was flowing when tongue was removed from a mouth."

This site is started in 2015. The reference table is one of the first things I created for my own sanity. I was putting down everything I came across and I am constantly revisiting and adding stuff on the site. I would remove it if it is untrue. If it is speculation or controversial, until I find some reasons to be changed stays as it is. There is so much work and information that needs to put in that if I go and justify every fact I publish I will have to gnaw on my veins of despair. You realize that this case is a mess, and nobody can say if Lyuda was alive or dead when the tongue went missing. I publish something, then make a reference link to the Controversy page. I currently have close to 50 facts that I want to publish. I am not the usual social media dump. If I come across an interesting fact I make a full article, most of the time I publish the source in Russian as well. I am not just throwing links and images. The forum is very good place to gather information. I am very grateful to everybody in the forum and when a good discussion spins off I summarize and make an article. There are still all the Case files to be translated, there is volume 2, there are notebooks of searchers nobody has seen before, and we are awaiting a second DNA on Zolotaryov in a week, and I have 7-8 articles from Komsomolskaya Pravda that in a perfect world I will find time to translate and publish.

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