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Her injuries appear to be the most horrific and that is worthy of consideration. I have read post that offer the theory that perhaps she was the primary target of man made violence. I have yet to find a theory I support 100 percent but her injuries are very questionable. Something or someone literally killed this young woman in brutal fashion. If she was "the target " what could she have done to induce such a killing rage? Being outspoken hardly seems worthy of that much violence. Seymon is often referred to as the most "mysterious member " of the group. I disagree. Luda holds that position, in my opinion only. No proof of course but that is nothing new in this case. It would be very interesting to learn more about her. Perhaps Teddy can use her genius mind and find out more about this 22 year old young woman who, obviously, died in agony.


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She was only 20 years old when she died.  Dubinina was the youngest of the group.

Thank you for the correction, RKM.

Sorry. RMK.

I haven't found any reason to believe that her missing eyes and tongue were a result of human malice.  Much more likely that their absence is due to decomposition & the action of the running water.  If her broken ribs were a result of human intention, then I have yet to hear a theory that convincingly explains the pattern of breaks without surface bruises.  Autopsy stipulates that she was not sexually active at the time of her death, which obviously means she wasn't raped.


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