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October 16, 2017, 11:08:02 AM
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‪No route book‬
‪’Interrogation of the witness Korolev VI‬
After approval, Dyatlov filled 3 copies. protocol, of which 1 copy. he gave the commission, 2 nd copy. - handed over to the city committee for physical culture and sports comrade Ufimtsev, from which he received a route book, and the third copy of the protocol and a copy of the route book Diatlov had to transfer to the sports club UPI and on the basis of these documents he had the right to receive equipment and money. As it turned out later, Dyatlov did not transfer these documents to UPI, and the Chairman of the UPI Gordo Sports Club, without these documents, allowed to receive equipment and money.
Without a protocol and a copy of the route book, Gordo could not control the movement of the group.’

April 02, 2018, 02:17:27 PM
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‪No route book‬
Without a protocol and a copy of the route book, Gordo could not control the movement of the group.’

Dear Lyndasez let's all place in to places ….

If we speak about route maps, they of any relation to those papers which Dyatlov has not given to university UPI *, has no. Because it is different subjects.

At copies of documents there is not enough information that it would be possible to influence somehow management to team at route. It is the usual help information. Where they have gone (without details), how many the person, dates started and the terminations, what is universaty which organizer this travel. Transfer of this document should confirm the fact of the official beginning of action.

About travel Dyatlov`s route knew in club of travellers UPI all the same. Because it was planned earlier. Therefore he could get equipment and money earlier all the same.

Details of a Dyatlov`s route knew in supervisory commission of travellers by city (Sverdlovsk) - Maslennikov, Korolev, Karelin - for example. It`s learn details of travel and it was simple to find maps.

Maps (if it is possible so to name it), and to be exact schemes of a Dyatlov`s route, were to him at route together.

Manage movement and acts of team could nobody, except Dyatlov. Because it is very far from any points of residing of people and transport ways. There where walk Dyatlov1s team to the nearest settlement (where lived Mansi) there were more than 80 km (~ 50 mi). To that place where it is possible to move on a motor vehicle more than 150 km (~ 95 mi)

Function Gordo (as official representative UPI), was what to note the beginning and the end of this travel. The termination date should is confirmed by the telegram from settlement Vizhaj. However the telegram could be late for technical reasons. Therefore at once there has not been begun anxiety about it group. Especially if to consider that the group from Vizhaj to Sverdlovsk could not reach earlier than for 2 days.

As a result it turns out that all claims to Dyatlov that it has not transferred a paper. It are simply formal.
*)Ural institute polytechnical – in Russian – УПИ or UPI – in Roman alphabet