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October 17, 2017, 12:30:16 PM
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For the first time Lyudmila Morgunova is publishing the post card her brother Rustem Slobodin mailed from Vizhay, 61 years to the day

Where: Sverdlovsk 9
Malyisheva St ,142 room 71
To: Slobodins
Sender's address: city of Ivdel, Sverdlovsk region
village of Vizhay

26/I-1959 10 am
Hello sedentary citizens of Sverdlovsk!
Yesterday we safely reached the village of Vizhay. Now we are taking a truck to the starting point  - 2nd Northern.
The weather is nice, warm (~ 10-15°). Everything is good. I am sorry I didn't say goodbye - got carried away.
All the best.
R Slobodin