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Author Topic: Why they abandon tent, clothes and objects ?  (Read 4183 times)

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November 14, 2021, 02:14:41 AM
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Neither natural events nor animal attacks can get experienced and daring young people out of that tent. It already proves that there is no natural event and predator attack in the condition of the tent. There are only two options in this case. 1. Armed human attack 2. A panoramic event. Unknown coercive force(s) carried out a sudden attack. And the aim was not to kill the young people, but only to drive them away from the tent. That's why the young people did not run away. They just walked away from the tent. They wanted to make a fire near the cedar tree and stay warm. They were not very successful. Then they climbed up the tree to see if the unknown coercive force was still in the tent. They couldn't see him. So they were divided into 3 groups. The first group would return to the tent and take the necessary materials. The second group would build a snow cave and take shelter in it. The last group would stay in the tree and continue to light a fire. After that, within half an hour, the unknown coercive force came again and killed them all one by one. This should be the short summary of the horror event.....

November 15, 2021, 03:47:53 PM
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Yes. The question is then: What was this unknown coercive force?

Can cold be a coercive force driving them to the forest where there is firewood and less wind? And then "coming back and killing them one by one" when temperature drops even further?
But probably not, they would first of all put on their coats.

Can a large animal be a coercive force driving them to abandon the tent and climb the cedar?
No prints of large animals found in the snow though..

It seems to me these are the two coerced actions in the Dyatlov mystery: abandoning the tent mid-meal, without coats, and climbing the cedar.

But I don't see how either a "panoramic event" or an armed human attack would coerce them to climb a tree.
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November 17, 2021, 09:08:11 AM
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The answer is very simple: The force that abducted them from the tent (whatever) did not harm them in the tent(?) Its purpose was only to drive the young people away from the tent. The youths therefore did not know whether the unknown coercive force would kill them. They still hoped that they would survive! And after they came to the cedar tree, they first wanted to make a fire and warm up! Then they wanted to look at the tent. Because they wanted to know if the unknown coercive force was still there. They did not see it there. And they were divided into 3 groups. The 1st group would return to the tent and take the necessary materials. Group 2 would dig a cave in the snow. They would continue to light a fire in the last group. Then anyway, he came and killed the young people one by one!!! This is the most logical explanation for the event.

November 17, 2021, 06:10:41 PM
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I think maybe it didn't kill all of them. Maybe some of them died naturally, due to the cold. The two Yuris, maybe Zina, Igor and Rustem.

But when the unknown force saw that the group is still alive and struggling back up the slope, then it might have went to the forest and killed Lyuda, Semyon and Thibo, and perhaps Kolevatov?

They tried to hide but were found, or alternatively, as they were the only ones with injuries suggesting something sinister, the unknown force hid their bodies in the stream / under snow. Perhaps even triggered an avalanche there.

Because of the flashlight found on the rocks, they would have left the tent at night, then in the morning someone climbed the cedar, saw that the tent might be safe, and they started their return to it..

This also adds up with the "observation slit" origin of the cuts on the tent.I personally don't want to think it was murder... but it's compelling.

But why would the unknown force change its mind in the morning and decide to kill them?

November 18, 2021, 12:19:53 PM
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If he had left even a single one alive, he would have been able to return to the tent and get the necessary living materials and survive! The purpose of the already unknown coercive force was to kill them all from the start. Why would he kill a few and leave the rest? He must have killed those who returned to the tent first....First of all, Dytlovu, then Rustami, then Zinayi....Then two Yuiriy...Then those who were hiding in the snow.....Yes, the deaths are sad....They were good, smart, bright young people full of life. Sometimes death comes so suddenly. God knows why. Everyone will die, after all.... We, the Earth, will not survive. What we need to do is to believe in God sincerely. And we pray to Him. We try to be a good servant to him.

January 26, 2022, 09:43:50 PM
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From experience with cats, odor lingers. No report of wolverine odor when tent was reconstructed.
Speculation in the absence of facts encourages fanciful scenarios including space craft etc.
Occams razor favors the simplest explanation. Have you ever been expecting a call, imagined what it could be only to find out it was quite mundane?
Unknown(to us) compelling force implies,something we don't know, buy they did. A natural transient event, perhaps inducing a ground tremor compelled them to vacate the tent. All else was the result of under appreciation of their dire circumstance.

When the truth is known, I submit it will be mundane.

This is not meant to disparage their memory, nor the good people who post to this forum.

January 26, 2022, 10:19:47 PM
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Игорь Б.

From experience with cats, odor lingers. No report of wolverine odor when tent was reconstructed.
Research shows that a skunk’s odor will last 14-21 days if left untreated.

В этом случае запах от скунса выветрился через три дня, хотя был очень сильным:
У меня, как написала выше, выветрился за трое суток. Но запах был совершенно убойный - и выветрился.

А в этом случае запах от росомахи выветрился за ночь, хотя тоже был очень сильным:
Подошёл я к ней шкуру снимать, чуть не сдох от смрада и чуть не блеванул, хоть противогаз надевай. Бросил я её к чёрту, тут собака давай ко мне ласкаться и от неё такая же вонища. Хорошо хоть к утру проветрилась.
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