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Author Topic: All 10 photos of Nicolay Ognev in chronological order  (Read 172 times)

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February 11, 2022, 01:22:59 PM
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All 10 photos of Nicolay Ognev "the Beard" in chronological order :

Ognev honored with an individdual portrait by Krivonischenko. Ognev looks dizzy.

Second try and the shot is good. Ognev takes the pose without a smile. He seems to be very far away, a complete stranger. No empathy whatsoever.

Time to go for the hikers. Ognev with closed fists, not smiling making a strange sign. If Ognev is the leader of the workers, the guy on the right with the chapska and mustach might be his second in command.

Very interesting pattern here. Three hikers paying attention to their equipment and four workers taking them in a pincer movement... the two workers on the right like in ambush. Ognev not smiling with closed fists.

Ognev joined by comrades from the inside, strange hairstyle, looking from above at the young tourists.

Ognev trying to mix with the hikers but finding the back of Igor and Lyuda who are shoulder to shoulder.

Ognev seems to be in an uncomfortable situation, closed fist, sad smile on his face. Second in command also with fist closed.

The backpacks are not on the stairs anymore. The workers pose for a farewell photo, the guy on the right in pure gulag outfit. Ognev's face is sad and hard. Thinking, imagining...

More workers come for posing. His second in command comforts Ognev. They look like a pack, a band of brothers.

The two leaders, Dyatlov and Ognev, posing with their troops. Ognev is a the center. His second in command, like his right arm, separates Lyuda from Dyatlov. The two girls are in Ognev's territory, not Dyatlov's. Ognev's pack is dominating, ready to run to the hikers from higher ground and in their back, like an avalanche. On the right of Zinayda, a worker (Valya?) grabbed ski poles belonging to the hikers, he too is ready for the hike... or for the chase.

Two strong leaders, two opposite groups of fit men, no civilization, no "women at all", and a pair of horny girls... lust, frustration and envy... can you set any better ground for a war ?

So there are 10 photos of Nicolay Ognev who did not even belong to the hiking group (some hikers do not appear as often on the rolls), and those burning lines in the diaries, it obviously makes of Nicolay Ognev a term of the problem...

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