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February 25, 2018, 10:15:18 PM
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The last place on earth.
24 km past 41st Quarter, past Vizhay. I'm not sure what to make of this deserted place, but certainly I mistrust the official explanation. This geological townsite far out of Ivdel had 2000 houses? What a city!  If there were five to a house, that's ten thousand residents!  Ivdel's the same size.  And all geologists?  Something's amiss.
A Siberian town suddenly abandoned a few years ago, falling down, perhaps after six years. What happened around 1953?
Stalin died, Beria soon after. Joy to Rodina to lose those devils!  The gulags were cleared of many prisoners. Was this Ivdel North, perhaps?  What do you think?
Such a place is every Chekist's screaming nightmare. 2000 rotting shacks, each a potential dead drop for spies. One could empty all the artifacts of L'Hermitage into stashes there, and none the wiser.
Note that poor Yuri Yudin's back went out when he hit Second Severniye.  He had to go home but not empty-handed. He had a cache of "rocks."  If there were a need for Yuri to pick something up, whether smuggling or some spy business, this abandoned town is perfect!
And for dead drops in the forest, what better way than Mansi sign!  Cheaper than billboard!
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