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Author Topic: Ural Polytechnic Institute Campaign Approval  (Read 1298 times)

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October 16, 2017, 05:50:51 PM
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Sheet 199


The draft of the campaign approve

Prev. Marsh. commiss signature (Korolev)

A member of the Mari Komi signature (Novikova)

Ural Polytechnic Institute

them. CM. Kirov

Third category trekking project

group of tourists of the Urals

Polytechnic Institute

them. CM. Kirov on the Northern

The Urals in January-February 1959



The project can be approved, but accepted -

after registration of categories by participants of a hike

Signature (Maslennikov)

8 / I 59 g.

Sheet 200

- 1 -

Goals and objectives:

Acquaintance with the nature and economy of the Northern Urals.
Conducting conversations and reports among the population.
Increase the athletic skills of the participants in the campaign.
Study of the depth of freezing of soils according to surveys and observations of residents of the Northern Urals.
Description of the trekking area:

The Urals in those places represent a series of parallel ridges with flattened peaks, among which the highest points of Otorken (1182), Gumpkalay (1152), Chistop (1292), Oika-Chakur (1279), Moleben (1296)

Winter and summer there is a lot of precipitation (snow up to 1.5 - 2 m). Frosts reach -40 ° С. The rivers in the upper reaches are fast, not freezing. The Urals are teeming with swamps and burnt forests. The fauna is especially rich here. Proteins, sables, foxes, martens, hazel grouses, black grouses, lynx, wolverines, moose and much much more.

Sheet 201


Group members:

Sheet 202


Route of the hike by days

Sheet 203


Public outfit

Sheet 204


Personal equipment

Sheet 205


Contents of repair kit

Sheet 206


First aid kit

Sheet 207



Turnover (?)

Get your (painted a fat arrow) ice pick in the trade union committee

In three days 1300 rubles a hike.

(Signed): Doroshenko (?)

18 resurrection

19 ponies

20 second by Yudin, Luda

21 Wednesday Slava, Sasha

22 th

23 spots

Collection 18 00


Route. Nrzb crossed out

Sheet 208


Malysheva 31b, ap. 1

Novikova Alya

A plan is drawn, how to go. Identification signs: tram, Red Army, kiosk, March 8, baby shop, gardener, gates, 6 fl.

Caption: Orlova in gary

Turnover (?)

pon 12

T 13 ice-ax I. Kuzm

Wed 14 427 guestrooms

Thu 15

16 (circled)

sub 17

wax 18 (circled)

pon 19

Tue 20

Wed 21 (highlighted in bold)

Thu 22

Fri 23




Vodka, Indian tea (illegible) matches
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