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Author Topic: Interview with Nurse Pelageya Ivanovna  (Read 1541 times)

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December 20, 2019, 06:55:42 AM
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I'm reading this interview ( for the first time.  It's rather confusing because I don't quite understand the roles of the persons involved.  Could someone please enlighten me?

Who is this Victor Konstantinovitch and why does he do so much talking if the interview is supposed to be with nurse Pelageya Ivanovna?  Does she need an interpreter?  Is he her caretaker?  When she is asked the first question, before she can answer, he interrupts, "You know, she can be mistaken, her memory is not the same ... But I remember them." Why does he prime the interviewers to discount what she says?  He seems to interrupt a lot and answer by reporting what he's read rather than what he saw.

There seem to be at least two people doing the questioning:  NAVIG and Tuapse.  Are they working together?  Do they represent two different groups that have just decided to share the interview time with Pelageya Ivanovna?  They sometimes seem to be working at odds with each other, pursuing different questions before she has a chance to answer the first.

If there is already a place where all this is discussed, could someone please just post the link?  Thanks!