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Author Topic: What if...RAV4 were hunted down after the tree catastrophe?  (Read 695 times)

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April 08, 2021, 09:54:10 PM
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So we know that bodies were moved here and there, even the tent. But what is the teams flying over head or the geologists or the detonators or the loggers found the Dyatlov group after the tree felling and didn't know what to do with them because taking the survivors back to civilization alive would further condemn them all.

Wouldn't it be easier to leave them die in the cold while insuring that they couldn't be rescued by any other groups in the area. The RAV4, the severe injuries found there have never made sense to me. Why pull out Semyon and Lyuda with fatal injuries 100 yards to the ravine? They both would have perished before extracting them from under any branch or tree trunk that could have caused their injuries.

The survivors would have ran for an area where they had the greatest chance of surviving, away from the trees in the ravine, right?

But why on earth would Semyon and Lyuda be dragged there? I think they were found alive and left to die, that would explain the large cedar tree being scaled with broken branches, blood and the burns on the Yuri's by the cedar. The mixture of injuries at the ravine have never made sense.

I have sone questions, though:

1) Didn't any of the searchers/students at the end of February notice any other tree blown apart and felled?

2) Originally at the time of the tree felling were the less injured hikers being watched as they froze to death, silencing them forever, certainly they could have scavenged enough from the tent site to survive long enough to build a snow shelter or get to the cache, were their killers not allowing them to crossover Dyatlov Pass towards the cache, hence the cedar tree lookout? Were they afraid to cross over Dyatlov Pass? Were the less injured the original builders of the den, trying to stay alive but being forced to freeze to death, hence the ravine snow disruption puzzle. Were there two entirely different groups that cut away into the ravine, maybe initially the cutting crew trying to bury them permanently but then changing their minds, possibly due to frozen ground?

3) Someone or some group had to cut up that tree/trees and remove the obvious cut timber or the later searchers and students would have noticed the accident scene, if the tent was found on Kholat Syakul then the trees were removed and not by hypothermic hikers. As far as time of death per stomach content, the hikers could have eaten sometime the next day, after being watched and allowed to freeze to death. Did the Dyatlov hikers actually confront their aggressors, hence their injuries that may not have come from the tree accident.

So many questions but even when the first search groups were on the mountain they noticed other groups in the area so why couldn't the cutting crews in helicopters notice the hikers while they were still alive?

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