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General Discussion / Re: Flashlight on top of tent
« Last post by Игорь Б. on September 30, 2021, 09:00:31 AM »
В СССР в 1950-е — 1960-е годы батарея имела торговое название КБС (карманная батарея сухая), а позже 3336 и «Планета».

В просторечии она называлась «плоская» или «квадратная батарейка». Существовали «летний» и «холодостойкий» варианты...

Хранение элементов и батарей.
Все сухие элементы и анодные батареи, независимо от их типа и назначения, следует хранить в сухом, прохладном месте и при температуре, желательно, ниже нуля, не допуская отсырения батарей.
"Химические источники тока", А.П. Окатов, Госхимиздат, 1948

Поэтому Золотарёв не боялся носить фонарик не во внутреннем кармане в тепле, а снаружи, даже днём, когда фонарик был не нужен. Те батарейки лучше сохраняли заряд на холоде.
General Discussion / Re: Flashlight on top of tent
« Last post by MDGross on September 30, 2021, 07:30:31 AM »
Good point, Paf. It's reasonable to assume that the hikers warmed flashlights at night by placing them under the stove. That the flashlight still worked when found by Sharavin could mean that it was placed on top of the tent just a day or two before. If people did in fact stage the tragedy, then maybe they finished pitching the tent in the twilight or early evening and needed a flashlight. Then accidentally left it on top of the tent.
I dunno. But this small detail of a working flashlight could have significant meaning.

In Alaska I have always witnessed a trench, for several reasons, even though I havenever dig one myself but I watched.

1) Trenches even the ground, if you have ever slept on a tilted projection it is not restful.
2) It blocks the wind.
3) It blocks a possible mini land-slide
4) If you are going to start a fire or cook, you need a trench and preferably a snow or ice wall for protection, considering you whether you cook inside, like the   Dyatlov skiers did, or not.
5) A trench with a mountain side wall can also protect from snow drift.
Non-DP Related Mysteries! / Re: New development in the "Tamám Shud" mystery
« Last post by KFinn on September 29, 2021, 02:08:25 PM »
I've often wondered if Fairgate was a human trafficking victim (in the sex industry) rather than a spy.  But, as that was the focus of my master's thesis, I tend toward thinking that when I see unidentified women.  It is completely conjecture on my part, but would explain the lack of identifying information, the inconsistency in spelling and such, etc.
General Discussion / Re: Pulsed microwave weapons and the 'Havana syndrome'
« Last post by RidgeWatcher on September 29, 2021, 02:04:45 PM »
This is SOS Mark Esper, who was fired but is a traitor in my opinion for reasons other then what he presents on this video, if I am not mistaken I might have already posted this here.:

Start at (01:45)

So much this is going on right now that I can't keep up with the articles, events or the the adverse reactions.

Semyon Zolotaryov / Re: Золотарёвы:Семён,Саша и А.И.
« Last post by Jean Daniel Reuss on September 28, 2021, 04:08:09 PM »
...And that's what we have at the moment.Three Zolotarev.

We have to thank gradient for writing 20 (19 folds + 1) messages with interesting information about Zolotaryov.
But it is a bit long, or maybe incomplete, I was not able to fully understand. There are 3 hypotheses left.

Hypothesis number 1

There were two Zolotaryov brothers

         1 -  Alekseevich Alexander  Zolotaryov, alias Semyon, alias Sacha, born in 1921, dead in 1959.
         2 -  Nikolay Alekseevich Zolotaryov, born in 1903,  dead in 1943.

This is the most likely hypothesis, but it does not explain the tattoos on the forearms (not seen before).

« On the reverse of the right hand near the base of the thumb there is the tattoo ‘Gena’ (‘Гена’). On the reverse of the right forearm in the medium third there is a tattoo of a beetroot [picture] and ‘letters + С’; the reverse side of the left forehand has a tattoo with the image ‘G.S.’ DAERMMUAZUAYA’ (‘Г.С.’ ДАЕРММУАЗУАЯ’), a five-point star and the letter ‘С’, the letters Г+С+П = Д’ and the number 1921. »

See Natalya Varsegova and Nikolay Varsegov  :


  Hypothesis number 2, unlikely

« Before the New Year [1959], having received permission to hike, he [Zolotaryov] goes to his home in Lermontov for the New Year's holidays. At home, suffering from loneliness, Semyon decides to tattoo himslef in memory of his only friends, the ones he had while fighting the war. Now he has nothing to fear that with such tattoos he will not be hired to work with children, because he is no longer going to work as a teacher.»

Zolotaryov's meltdown (Author Aleksandr Surkov)



Hypothesis number 3, unlikely

September 19, 2019, 01:14:14 PM  Reply #19

     And that's what we have at the moment.Three Zolotarev.

         1 - Alexander Alekseevich born in 1921... : Semyon = Sacha, dead in 1959 with Dyatlov's group .
         2 - Seeds Alekseevich.  =  a twin brother mentionned "Reply #2".
Which of them,on January 20, 1959, came to Sogrin?
         3 - Nikolay Alekseevich Zolotaryov : the "traitor" born in 1903, dead in 1943.
Дятловцы поставили палатку на ровной площадке, где не надо было копать снег.

Фотографии раскопа были сняты не на месте палатки:

Это место их не устроило или из-за большого камня под снегом или (что более вероятно) из-за надувания снега на скат палатки:

P.S. Место палатки было найдено в 2013 году с точностью 1 метр:
General Discussion / Re: Flashlight on top of tent
« Last post by Paf on September 26, 2021, 04:12:52 PM »
Flashlight battery can also suffer from the cold.
My bike battery has hard time not getting off at -30, but after half an hour inside, the battery is good again.

The lamp may have been discarded because out of battery -due to the cold at night- and then warming up enough (for the battery to recover) during the day it was found.
General Discussion / Re: Is a trench necessary for camping on the slope? Why dig a trench?
« Last post by Paf on September 26, 2021, 04:03:53 PM »
I think they choose the spot to be protected from the wind (even assuming there was no wind when they set it up, they didn't want to be surprised ! They knew what a ridge is).
That explain also why the snow was so deep at this place : the snow is blown from flat surfaces and carried away to and deposed where it's calmer, creating snowdrift. It's like 10 minutes digging, not a lot of work (on the picture we can actually see somebody putting their backpack down : what we see was dug by the first hikers to arrive, before the last one did), but it's a lot of confort.

And as far as I know, ways to "communicate with the outside world" are not commonly taken on hikes even these days.I don't think flares would even be practical because they are only visible from far away at night, and are likely to be missed.A satellite phone would be a better option and is the same price as a smartphone, but I haven't heard about many hikers taking satellite phones with them either...
Where I live (Yukon), lots of big hikers have satellite phones (or satellite GPS with tracking and SOS option), and it's pretty easy to rent them from touring business is you need one just for one back-country, off-trail trip.

A modern flare (the one they use for boat safety) can be seen from 40km, and are burning for 40 seconds. It's not a long distance (the DPI is more than 40km away from district 41) , and not a long time... In the DPI context, it makes no sens to carry a one-use (pretty heavy, explosive, maybe humidity-sensible) short-lived signal that would not be seen from far enough -and only at night.
(especially since it would take quite more than one to lead some help to where there are needed : after just one (seen) flare, the search zone would still be immense !)
A radio have the same problem : only some bigger ones could have send SOS across the distance and it was too heavy to carry on a trail. Still : it would have made more sens than flares to me.

What people used to carry a few years ago as "emergency signal" was... a whistle.
It can be heard from 10km (with big variations in mountains, the sound can carry quite further or quite shorter than that), but you can blow it every minute. If you are lucky enough to be heard, your whistling will drive them right to you quickly.

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