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Altercation on the pass / Re: Altercation on the pass
« Last post by RidgeWatcher on Today at 10:17:02 PM »
Khrushchev told his collaborators: " You can see that I have a lot of work and worries with President Einsenhower, Gomulka in Poland, Janos Kadar in Hungary, the Chechens, the Chinese...and many other very important and challenging problems. So please get out of my way so that I can get rid of this little matter as quickly as possible.

Again, Thank you for your Hypothesis #2. I can see this happening with surmounting problems at the time that all needed to be resolved.

So the problem that was, became the problem that was no longer, so problem solved and no longer is there a problem.

So somewhere around Vishay in early 1959 there lived a sociopath ex-Zek with equally dangerous friends. This sociopath even though angered into a rage by a piece of paper and a young person's loose tongue in January 1959 had to have a previous pattern of severe violence and even murder. Wouldn't the local police force and intelligence be able to narrow this down easily? Do you think the murderer and his friends might have been eliminated by the powers that be in that area? Isn't this what Krushchev would want to know, in the end?
Materials Modern / Re: New Press Conference
« Last post by RidgeWatcher on Today at 04:12:25 PM »
Thank you, WAB And Teddy for answering my questions.

I have and will always give the Dyatlov Ski Tourists the respect that they deserve to adequately assess the slope on Kholat Syakhl for avalanche danger. Igor and the group knew what they were doing.
Materials Modern / Re: New Press Conference
« Last post by sarapuk on Today at 03:41:34 PM »
This is BS. That slope isn't avalanche prone according to everything I've read and heard about the case. They wouldn't run downhill from an oncoming avalanche, and the footprints indicated they walked. If all nine of them decided to stop at the cedar tree to make a fire, how come it was so small and was allowed to burn out? Did they really sit around and wait for the two Yuris to freeze to death before going back uphill with some of their clothing? Why would three of them decide to return to their tent after going all the way downslope instead of five minutes after the avalanche? Why did the tent show only vertical collapse, not horizontal? And where did such precise weather readings mentioned in the article come from?

I don't buy this theory. I also don't believe a 3 meter fall from a snow den collapse causes all the injuries found on the Rav 4. The original investigation dismissed the avalanche theory right away. It was clear the tent had not been covered by an avalanche, because there was no indication it had been moved horizontally downslope, and that slope isn't avalanche prone.

Bullshit sums it up nicely.  Its like a Government trying to cover something up and doing a very bad job of it.  Even non experts can use their common sense and see that the area where the Tent was pitched was not in an area conducive to Avalanches.  Avalanches of any kind. 
General Discussion / Re: Back to the Rav4
« Last post by sarapuk on Today at 03:30:08 PM »
Well Rib injuries and Skull injury could both be the result of Squeezing. A Bear could possibly cause those kind of injuries, but we should expect to see much more damage to skin and bone. And when a Bear goes for the head its usually very brutal.

Here we have a Russian Bear attacking an Hunter.

General Discussion / Re: Get angry with me...
« Last post by Frankie on Today at 03:25:57 PM »
Yeah, we all have our theories and it's no different than anybody else...

The TENT is where it all started, we agree on that?

NINE people. All dead, We agree on that?

Facts are facts, we agree on that?

Everybody was hanging out in that tent. There is talk that two were running around outside, but does that matter? All died. We agree on that?

What we can also agree on is that something happened at that tent. That is where everyone there went haywire, agreed?

Okay... So what ACTUALLY happened there?

Let's REMOVE the paranormal because that is NOT provable. We can disagree with that, but let's just PRETEND that the BIGFOOT, the YETI, The Loch Ness Monster Aliens or Elvis DID NOT go in there and do some damage, scare people who generally don't scare easily, and monsters who eat peoples tongues and suck out their eyeballs don't really exist. Agreed?

Something happened to these nine people, who are, granted, young... but have better sense than most of us do with hiking and skiing than we do. They have been trekking these areas for a good amount of time and know their stuff, Agreed?

They placed their tent on a grade that would NOT create a problem with an avalanche. At that grade, IF an avalanche were to happen they would have never heard it anyway. Why was the tent STILL there? Unbroken with BOTH poles STILL planted and straight up to the sky? They were not stupid, that grade would NEVER create an avalanche and everybody knows it.

When the tent was found, most of their clothes were removed to dry out from the sweat. They were safe and DINNER was on the floor for everyone to eat. When the investigators showed up, dinner was STILL there on the floor, along with their boots, socks, warm clothes, etc... so they had to leave quick, agreed?

They were in such a panic, they cut holes in the side of the tent, but obvious is obvious... THEY DID NOT RUN once outside of the tent. They did NOT run down the hill as some may propose. THEY WALKED.

That's right. THEY WALKED down to the valley... 1 mile in the snow, no boots, no warm clothes, many with just socks, some without socks. WHY???

What in the world would make them do that? Even though the tracks (1 month old) showed that it WAS NOT SINGLE FILE but they marched down side by side, and why???

How do we know they didn't run down there? because running v/s walking have different tracks. It's undeniable. Pics prove it.

Now you name a sasquatch that will force them to do that. You name an alien that would do that. They walked down there calmly.

Think about it. If they were scared they would have run like crazy!

I will propose a timeline... WITHOUT names... you can fill in the blanks, Okay?

Back up at the tent, they got beaten up pretty bad. So much in fact that many had injuries that not taken care of within 48 hours, many would indeed DIE.

This is where I begin to disagree. I really don’t think anyone who might have been injured would make it a mile (give or take) down the hill in the snow, in the frigid temperatures with the wind.

Marched down the hill toward the valley, the attackers figured their job was done and the cold weather would do them in. BUT...

They all got together at the cedar tree and started a fire. The attackers doubled back to finish the job, but could not get there fast enough to stop them from splitting up.

The worst of the party, two men were left under the cedar tree. They traded clothes to allow TWO parties to go out and find help and stay warm. The two at the cedar tree with the fire will stay warm.

And here - I don’t think anyone believed, even for a second, they could find help. In fact, I bet they knew their odds were better staying together.

The attackers came back and took out the two at the cedar tree. Still alive, but beaten so bad, they will die. Same with the four at the den. They caught up with them and did the same. The last three, they were trying to get back to the tent for flashlights and warm clothes... and died along the way.

Not many at the tree had injuries associated with being brutally attacked.

Each were doomed with their injuries but hypothermia set in before death.

The question is, who were the attackers? Why do this? Who ordered this, if anybody?

This isn't about wind. This isn't about aliens, sasquatch, nor weird sounds to mess up peoples brains nor magic mushrooms, alcohol nor even a silly fight over a cute girl.

Although you may disagree with some, part or ALL of the story, something happened and the Russians DO want this to go away.

Thanks for listening.

You are now required to post any other theories but I do ask that you keep them plain and simple. Tin-foil hat theories should keep to a bare minimum for I fear you may be made fun of.

Again, Thank you!

I vacillate between theories. At the moment, I and thinking through an attack theory. I started by thinking about an internal disagreement, but I just can’t come up with anything that makes sense with the known evidence. I dunno, maybe Mansi. I’m still pondering the possibilities. 

General Discussion / Re: Back to the Rav4
« Last post by Frankie on Today at 02:55:41 PM »
What strikes me most about Dubinina’s fractures were that there were essentially 3 fracture lines across her ribs. Ribs 2, 3, 4, and 5 on the right side were bilaterally fractured along both the mid-clavicular line and the mid-axillary line. The mid-clavicular line is basically along the middle of the nipple and the mid-axillary line is along the side, under the armpit. The left side showed fractures of ribs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

This means going across the chest, nearly each rib had 3 fracture lines. THAT, my friends, is indicative of a tremendous impact, maybe a long fall whereby she landed flat on her chest/stomach. I am attempting to find any other cases of such fractures.
General Discussion / Re: Get angry with me...
« Last post by RidgeWatcher on Today at 12:39:18 PM »
I still think that Semyon was the mystery member here.

1) Surived a brutal war.

2) Age difference.

3) Added on at the last moment with initial consternation to some of the Dyatalov group.

4) Between all nine members, he and Dubinina, had the most trauma, possible the last to suffer any trauma.

5) A strong family history of valor and patriotism.

Sometimes I wonder if Semyon, who used an alias(?), was sent on this mission as a fact finder, trying to ascertain information regarding political combatants in the region. His history is murky, this is not a reflection on him personally, he was age 37 and trying to pass physical fitness milestone that would help him in the future. He was the perfect bait for governmental authorities to groom for data collection on the dessenters in the region.

What if Dubinia angered a few sociopath dissenters in Vishay, Settlement 42 or along the way. This is a clear possibility.

What if Semyon, or another member, actually got caught at doing something they shouldn't have been doing? What if Semyon was caught outside the "guest hotel" in Vishay, snooping around.

I really could have been any member but I always go back to the splitting off of the Blinov group heading west at Vishay and the Dyatlov group heading north to Settlement 42. The Blinov group didn't have a last minute stranger added on, a member much different than the others.

What do we really know about Semyon, other than the other members liked and respected him and that he and Dubinina died horrifically?

General Discussion / Re: Back to the Rav4
« Last post by RidgeWatcher on Today at 12:12:16 PM »
I have seen thousands of fractured skulls (craniums) in my life. The fractures that bother me the most in the Dyatlov group are the rib fractures. Dubiniaa and Semyon's rib fractures had to have taken a powerful force at a flat angle to cause those types of fractures.

I sometimes wonder if they were unconscious near frozen, and then slammed or forcefully dropped upon one another to accomplish such "double barrel" type fractures. These are not easy fractures to accomplish.
General Discussion / Re: Back to the Rav4
« Last post by Nigel Evans on Today at 06:52:13 AM »
Overall I think they went mountaineering in remote Siberia and now they're at the bottom of a ravine with injuries consistent with a fall? No need to overthink this.
Agreed there's no need to overthink this, Nicolai's head was deformed (squashed). Falls from the heights under consideration can't achieve this.

Falls from heights contribute to severe skull fractures though. Once you have a fracture like Tibo, which clearly compromises the integrity of the skull, and after several months under heavy snow and eventually running water, and considering the process of decomposition, it is not so surprising that the head looks deformed, if that is what you mean.

By the way, are the terms "deformed" or "squashed" your interpretations? I don`t remember them being used in the official coroner report.
Correct, he used - "On the whole, the length of the crack in the area of the base of the skull is 17 cm. In addition, there is asymmetry due to the compression fracture of this area."
I maintain my argument that a side impact to the skull from falling from modest heights cannot result in splitting the base of the skull by almost 7 inches. I assert it is impossible.
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