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General Discussion / Re: Pulsed microwave weapons and the 'Havana syndrome'
« Last post by RidgeWatcher on September 19, 2021, 06:16:21 PM »
At this point I wouldn't be surprised if people are being experimented on by a group of countries working in conjunction with each other, including my own country.
General Discussion / Re: Pulsed microwave weapons and the 'Havana syndrome'
« Last post by KFinn on September 19, 2021, 12:00:38 PM »
There has also been an "attack" of this sort outside the White House.  At least one person was struck by the Havana Syndrome style symptoms in a gateway, I believe, right outside of the White House.  I think that was when the US started actually taking this seriously, as opposed to ignoring the various military members who had symptoms.  There is an account by a military member of the VA ignoring his symptoms and not giving him care.  Eventually, he was able to show proof of a brain injury stemming from the incident. 
I have seen no mention of flares in the inventory lists.  I do wonder if the light the Shumkov group saw over 1079 while they were camped on Mt. Chistop might have been a signal flare of some sort, but without any flares in the inventory list, its only conjecture. 
General Discussion / Re: Pulsed microwave weapons and the 'Havana syndrome'
« Last post by RidgeWatcher on September 17, 2021, 10:32:19 PM »
In the U.S. they call it the "Havana Syndrome" because it was first report by U.S> Diplomats working near downtown Havana near/in the Embassy:

Since that time it has expounded in various locations and always, it seems, among U.S. Alphabets or Diplomats in the various countries were they are working, maybe not doing nice things, perhaps.

the people directly telling their stories: although I have never heard this myself, before:

General Discussion / Re: Photographs
« Last post by time2fly on September 17, 2021, 03:45:25 PM »

Because of the information you discovered about the the "three heads" picture I'm very skeptical that any of the alleged pictures presented by Valentin Yakimenko are actually from the camera on Zolotaryov's body.

Looking through the other rolls of film, there are lots of spots and defects that could, when magnified, look exactly like the pictures Yakimenko presented.

Your doubt is justified. There is some strangeness concerning the frames, and why the seemingly most important ones are still not public. I believe many of the frames presented by Yakimenko are actually enlarged dust artifacts and emulsion damage. However, Z7 (eagle) does look pretty authentic. I will travel to Yekaterinburg next year to find out.

Meanwhile, I did a little image analysis and compared the famous 34 and Slobodin frames to pictures that were taken in the so-called M-Zone, 500 km south of the Dyatlov pass, in 1994. The M-Zone lies on the same tectonic fault line as the Dyatlov pass, and similar light phenomena (UAPs) have been observed there over the years.

And just for fun, I did some histogram modifications on frame 34. Sure doesn't look like a lab light, tent entrance or rocket to me.

The so called "plane" to me is a more rectangular version of the UAP. Plasma clouds have been known to be rectangual. In my book there is a scientific analysis as to why.

And again just for fun, here is a comparison of M-Zone fireballs to the famous recent pentagon gimbal videos. I'll leave the conclusion up to you:

All of these (and more surprises) are explained in detail in my book "NOT a cold case". I also analyze the "eagle" frame in detail, which to me is authentic and the most important public available piece of evidence.

PS: The key to the mystery has always been why they fled the tent. And the key to that are the UAPs that multiple people have observed during and after the incident. And they were photographed by at least 5 Dyatlov cameras according to Valentin Yakimenko. There are even eye witnesses on Mt. Chistop on the night of the 1.2,. who thought the Dyatlovs were shooting flares to celebrate their ascent. Must have been big flares, since they were 50 km away.
I find it odd that the group didn't even seem to think that taking a flare was important.  Does anyone remember reading about any of these groups at the time discussing ways to contact the "outside world" in the event of an emergency situation?
General Discussion / Re: Flashlight on top of tent
« Last post by Manti on September 17, 2021, 05:24:55 AM »
Yes, that could be it.
General Discussion / Re: Flashlight on top of tent
« Last post by Игорь Б. on September 16, 2021, 07:35:12 PM »
What force can tear down one half...
Эта сила - девять человек, вскочившие на ноги в палатке высотой 120 см. и отпрянувшие назад от входа. Лыжные палки, подпиравшие центральную часть и задний торец палатки упали.

P.S. Без печки центр палатки поддерживался лыжной палкой:
General Discussion / Re: Flashlight on top of tent
« Last post by Manti on September 16, 2021, 03:12:45 PM »
A flashlight on top of the tent rules out katabatic wind, and meteorite explosion shockwaves. Unless.. it was placed there later.

But there were no other traces in the area, apart from the footprints leading down from the tent, so unless it was dropped onto the tent from a helicopter... the Dyatlovites must have left it there.

However.. another inconsistent thing is that one half of the tent has collapsed and the rope torn, so there had to be some strong force acting on that half of the tent. Was the flashlight found on the other half? What force can tear down one half but leave a flashlight in place on the other?

So based on this, the Dyatlov group must have left the flashlight on the tent but after the tent has already half-collapsed.

Another possibility I would consider is that multiple searchers have found the tent independently and the first of them have left the flashlight.
General Discussion / Is a trench necessary for camping on the slope? Why dig a trench?
« Last post by Manti on September 16, 2021, 03:02:06 PM »
From their last photos, we know they dug a trench.
However, was the tent even found in a trench? From the search photos, it doesn't seem so but hard to tell.
I have read on a different site that a searcher said a trench was found next to the tent but can't find that testimony in the case files...
What could be the purpose of digging one? Starting a campfire perhaps?
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